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Ratnagiri Kesar Mangoes are superior variety mangoes with regard to its sweetness and aroma. They get their unique fragrance from the mountain breeze and agro-climatic conditions prevailing in the hills of Mandangad, Ratnagiri. This fruit is bright green-golden yellow in color and is oblong in shape tapered towards the end, unlike Alphonso mangoes. We source the best carbide-free Kesar mangoes directly from the farms of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

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Original Ratnagiri Kesar Mangoes:

  1. Directly from Mandangad, Ratnagiri to your doorstep.
  2. Excellent sweet aroma with peculiar flavor, sweet in taste, fiber-less flesh and moderate to abundant juicy.
  3. Medium sized fruit with an oblong shape, mostly having a red mush on its shoulders.
  4. Golden colour with green overtones on the outer side. Little smaller in size compared to Alphonso mangoes.
  5. Known as Queen of Mangoes
  6. Mangoes are packed semi-ripe so as to withstand transport time. Fruit will mature to full sweetness and aroma after arrival. Please open the and lay the mangoes on the floor on the hay that comes within the crate. Do not refrigerate the mangoes unless fully ripe.
  7. The mangoes will be sent in Semi Ripe Condition so as to avoid damage in transit. Please leave the mangoes in the hay in which they are supplied, and they will ripen gradually in 5-7 days.

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