We at Masurkar Agro Farm pride ourselves in producing carbide and chemical free produce overall. Especially our Alphonso and Kesar mangoes. Ratnagiri is known for its world-famous Aphus/Alphanso mango and we simply couldn’t have a farm without our share of mango, cashew, cheeku and many more trees.

Our Story

We have planted all our mango trees with our very own hands more than 15 years ago. Based on a mountain, surrounded by greenery and untouched stretch of land far away from pollution, giving the plants to grow in a fertile-oxygen friendly environment.

We speak to our tries, hug them, nurture them with love and care and that exact feeling of love and care can be tasted from the fruit. They are sweet and full of happiness no. The mango trees need their time of monsoon and their time of heat during summer to continue the cycle of producing fragrant and all natural mangoes.

When we go picking mangoes in our farm, every time we pick a mango the fragrance that is let out through the branches of the trees an aromatic experience that leaves a mark like no matter. So exciting and so much fun!

We never use to sell mangoes before, until we decided to start doing it this year. I’ll be frank, my parents planted these trees when they were young and now that my parents have grown old, they are getting a chance to enjoy the fruit of their labour. We want to bring that joy to you all, sitting right there back at home or just busy scrolling through your mobile right about now.


The time, energy and effort that goes into planting a seed to actually witnessing and enjoying fruits of fruit-bearing plants planted by your own hand is an experience and a journey of its own. Time is of the essence and so is the love and the funding too that goes into maintaining an all natural farm. It isn’t as easy as it is to eat the fruit or make a milkshake at home.

Fruit grown bio-dynamically has a flavour of their own. We farm for ourselves and now we want you’ll to taste the actual flavours of Mother Nature. Unadulterated. Unfiltered.

Now we will be bringing the product directly to the consumers in cities, who do not have the privilege to enjoy such carbide and chemical fruits from the farmer ie. us, without sky-high pricing. Perfectly safe for children and people of all ages.

No Crawford Market in Mumbai or any grocery store online can match to these packed with love mangos. They come from a happy farm and intend to deliver happiness to all.

If you connect with our no-fuss all-natural policy, then go ahead and order yourself a dozen mangoes. There’ll be no looking back from here!

P.S. As of now, we are only delivering in Mumbai. Contact here for placing an order or for further details.

Note: As these are naturally grown carbide and chemical free produce, all of the mangoes will not be of the same size or colour. But, all of them will be constant in the sweet flavor of love. Enjoy!