Masurkar Agro Farm – Mandangad, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra | मसुरकर ऍग्रो बाग- मंडणगड, रत्नागिरी, महाराष्ट्र

Our farmhouse was once jungle and now it has been transformed into a perfect farm for all nature lovers out there. After more than 15 years of hard work, love, and care of Mother Nature we’ve managed to bear the fruits of labor. A farm made from scratch with the pure love for farming and creating a sanctuary for generations to come. Untouched, unpolluted, calm, serene and beautiful 29 acres of land.


Masurkar Baugh is on a hilltop right at the junction where all the hustle bustle of city life stops and wildlife begins. In today’s world, it is extremely difficult to find a place, close to home where you can breath fresh air with lots of oxygen and calming sounds of Mother Nature. This is where Masurkar Baugh aka Masurkar Agro Farm comes into the picture – it is the gateway to factory free, the green zone of Maharashtra where you come close to nature like nowhere else. A special shout out to the bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, this one is for you!

Masurkar Agro Farm is located near Mandangad Bus Depot in Ratnagiri District, amidst the West Ghat, Nilgiri Mountain rang, adjoining to Maharashtra State High Way 102. It is at a distance of around 30 Kms from Veer Railway Station and at a distance of 190 Kms from Mumbai i.e. a distance of 3 to 4 hours drive from Mumbai, thanks to Express Free Way and Mumbai-Pune Express Way.

You get to experience the true charm of rustic farm life as the farm is surrounded by forest and mountain ranges on all sides. It is a quiet and peaceful place especially if you want to get relaxed from daily strenuous work routine. Isolated and far from all the villages, having great ambiance and green surroundings. Clean place, a superb backdrop of enchanting nature, historical surroundings and tourist places.

Places to visit near Masurkar Baugh –

  1. A glimpse of lust green banks of Ambet Creek at a distance of 45 minutes drive.
  2. Harihareshwar – an ancient Lord Shiva temple i.e a sacred place for Hindus at a distance of an hour drive (where you can reach on having a ride by Catamaran to reach the temple). Blue sea over there is thrilling.
  3. Anjarle Ganpati Temple is at a drive of 45 minutes, again a sacred place of historic importance on a hilltop from where you can see the sea down below.
  4. You can go to Dabhole driving amidst impeccable fruit gardens and you could enjoy the sight of sea water level at ground level. You also get to see the Dabhole electrical project from there. You can go on a ferry ride there.
  5. Mandangad itself is a fort belonging to Shivaji Maharaj, it is also a historic place having an ancient Ganesh Temple where Maghi Ganesh Puja takes place.
  6. There is also a Mahalaxmi Laxmi Temple in the vicinity at Tulsi village at a distance of 9 km.
  7. Green Dapoli is at a distance of 42 km having several tourist places.

Note: Mandangad local market is at 1 Km distance from the farm. An easily walkable distance of 10 mins.

It is a wonderful place with serene surroundings full of oxygen and totally pollution free. A lovely place, for a complete farm experience, a wonderful spot to enjoy refreshing greenery around. Also, an ideal place to do yoga in the morning and toast some marshmallows on the fireplace while playing charades in the evening.

It is a breath-taking and enjoyable place for all, be it kids or elders. One of the best places to experience nature, up-close and personal. It is truly for those who want to experience nature in its originality at best. You can experience what’s it to live so close to nature.

Experience Seasons at Mandangad


Summer = Mango time! We at Masurkar Agro Farm produce carbide and chemical free mangos! All natural, organic mangos produced by happy plants because we make sure to sing, talk and hug our plants. They listen to us, trust me! When you talk to them, they’ll listen to you too. We mainly produce Alphansos (Aphus) and Kesar Mangoes. This is also the time when Papaya, Jackfruit, Gooseberries, Awala, White Jam, and many more fruits come in season. The time for Summer is usually the time to lay back and relax in the shelter of our farmhouse. Bahar se garmi aur andar main thandi.


Monsoon is the best time to visit us as the entire surrounding is lush green with natural waterfalls all around. Heavy to moderate rain is the specialty of monsoon at Mandangad and the misty surroundings. Just before the monsoon begins, the nights are filled with fireflies lighting up the farm as if the galaxy of stars is on earth just for us. Added beauty to the monsoon weather is our lake and pond overflowing with water. Monsoon is the peak season as it is a heaven on the earth during the rainy season. You can experience the music emanating from the flowing water of the waterfalls. The clouds keep moving in and out in the villa and surrounding. The morning fog is misty thick when you can’t see things at the furlong.

Rice paddy fields swinging with the wind and their shades of bright green soothing your eyes at a glance. Peacocks dancing in their full glory welcoming rain amidst the clouds. Flowers blossoming everywhere, Mother Nature whistling through the woods and that chilled quiver through our body while sipping on hot masala chai wrapped up in a cozy warm shawl is all you need to live it up in monsoon. Living and breathing amongst the clouds, enjoying hot cooked food on natural stoves and so much more. It is indeed like Matheran and Lonavala have come together to create Masurkar Agro Farm just for you!


In winters it is quite chilly i.e from November to February. Early in the morning, you can see the Turkeys, Peacocks, Kingfishers, Humming Birds, Cuckoos, Bulbuls, Indian Blue Robin, Parrots, etc. The symphony of birds is the first thing you hear in the morning. A walk in the forest itself or a casual nap in the open sky puts one right next to nature in its true form as against any of the upscale eco-resorts. Chickens, Dogs, Wild Cats, Rabbits, Cows and Buffalo, Bullock carts are added attractions to the native charm. The flora and fauna and the inside beauty of the farm are extremely mesmerizing. The best part is that the whole place is for private use, unlike commercial places where there are plenty of other groups and individuals. The privacy, solitude and green surroundings are unparalleled.

Masurkar Agro Farm

Just the experience of living right in the middle of an organic fruit/vegetable farms is really worth it. The food prepared is very healthy, chulla- cooked food, lots of salad, vegetable picked straight from the farm makes one understand what healthy cooking and eating are all about. Holistic living at its best. A person can come out refreshed, stronger, calmer and healthier from Masurkar Agro Farm.

“A Green place unplugged from all the madness of city life, yet so near to the city. A true weekend getaway, one of the best places to experience nature in its raw form. Come, unwind and rejuvenate yourself.”